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Air Jordan 26

Jordan 26 is well-known basically for mainly because of Jordan are a make of shoes with specific sport apparel taken by Nike in actual fact designed for and additionally agreed to by specialized Basketball tennis footballer Jordan. They are the new styles of nike shoes after jordan 24 shoes which have the different styles and color combinations, simple but fashionable, and still very popular by Jordan sports fans. The side of the shoe features a stitched pattern that gives the shoes strength in addition to cosmetic effect. The tongue of the left and right are different for a first time with a Jumpman on the right shoe and "23" on the left. Lastly what starts at the front of the shoe and extends the full length is a glittery glossy panel that covers the midsole body of the sneaker. Therefore, such great Air Jordan 26 Shoes, if you are also a fans of Jordan or like basketball, come to our Retro Jordans store to get you favorite Air Jordan 26 Shoes