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Air Jordan 22

Jordan 22 was released on Michael Jordan 44th birthday, February 17, 2007. The design of the Air Jordan 22 was inspired from Yu F-22 Raptor Strike Fighter. And it new style shoelaces were also in fact extend the F22 design inspiration. When you look at the F-22 Raptor you see the light camo spots and sharp aerodynamic cuts that can cut through the air like ice. The Air Jordan shoes carry the damping system of choice for the last couple of Air Jordan. The IPS (Independent Product suspension) is back with a new feature - it's visible. With a super sleek design and sharp corners, the design of the Air Jordan 22 is not like most Jordan shoes. The Air Jordan 22 is cutting edge from all angles. On the shoes, this stitching helps provide a well produced shoe with lasting quality. Whether you are a fan of the Jordan 22 or not hate it, you can't deny the unique Air Jordan Shoes.